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Do you have the Right Stuff?

Do you have what it takes to be a MoveFree coach? If you’ve got the right outlook, you’re likely ready to learn and grow with MoveFree. Get connected with our team, complete the necessary assessments, finish the training – and before you know it you’ll be sharing movement training with others, bettering their lives with greater range of movement they can enjoy every day.

MoveFree Health Coach

As a MoveFree trainer, you’ll enjoy motivating people at all levels of fitness and abilities with our market leading programs. Our unique training delivery methods will teach you how to customize individual plans as well as provide powerful peer support.

You’ll be an expert in efficient movement, and will be well equipped to empower people to improve their functional strength. This training you will set you ahead of the pack – as you will be one of the few who truly grasp the depth and efficacy of movement training, and how to use it in both individual and group training sessions.

When you are Certified

Get certified then shadow and learn how our programs work, then learn how to build your own.

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