Getting Started

We start with a comprehensive analysis of your organization in order to begin to talk about the look, feel, and experience employees will have in the facility. Working together, we will define your vision, making sure we completely understand the type of facility you want to bring to life.

Creating in Line with Company Culture

At MoveFree™, we believe every facility we design and build must be unique, because every organization is different. Utilizing the principles of Human Behavior & Communication, we focus on how your employees interact, communicate, train, and behave in order to create a facility that will be an ideal fit your team and culture.

Project Management is everything. Armed with the specifics about your budget, company culture, and goals, we handle all aspects of project management. We will select and purchase fitness equipment, manage installations, and guide the entire process product ready for utilization.

Now the Big Question

Do you need a corporate wellness facility? Absolutely – yes! Healthy and productive employees are the key to your organization’s long-term success.

With a custom designed facility in place, MoveFree can encourage your employees to get healthier and maintain a higher level of overall wellness through positive behavior changes and lifestyle choices.

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