Personal Fitness Refined

Having a corporate personal trainer on-site demonstrates that you are invested in the health of your greatest asset – your team. With healthier employees, everyone benefits. MoveFree™ offers both individual personal training and small group training, motivating your employees to meet their overall wellness objectives.

Our trainers are focused on your team. While educating your employees about movement and fitness, our corporate personal trainers also bring empowerment and enjoyment to each session.

They'll also give your team members tips to perform these movements and exercises outside of formal sessions. We have found that employees not only benefit physically from personal training, but also see positive outcomes mentally and emotionally.

Individually Customized

Each of your team members is seen as an individual, and our MoveFree™ trainer will work diligently to create a unique program and experience for each member of your team. Together, the employee and trainer will develop goals and applications in order to get them started, and will be with them every step of the way as they progress. It is our mission to empower each employee to take charge of their health and wellness in a safe, effective and enjoyable manner.

Individual Personal Training

MoveFree™ is a new, highly motivating way to work out, approachable regardless of your fitness level. With mobility in mind, MoveFree™ helps you simultaneously improve your dynamic strength and elevate your cardiovascular fitness in both individual and group formats.

  • Enables you to purchase training sessions one at a time, based on your goals.
  • A great fit for employees seeking scheduling flexibility and results. Employess can work directly with their trainer to set up a training schedule.
  • Individual training sessions are either 30 or 50 minutes, and can be purchased in 4,8, and 12 session recurring packages.

Small Group Training

Movement Training™ offers a powerful, three-dimensional approach to exercising your whole body, based upon the foundational principles of natural movement.

  • 50 minute small group sessions bring together 3-6 people, leveraging the power of groups, offering your team peer support and motivation.
  • Small groups meet biweekly for 6 weeks, with a recurring commitment package

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