Club Solutions

Today, it seems like just about everybody has a gym membership or access to a facility at their workplace. But – unfortunately – not everybody enjoys results. With people feeling busier than ever, there is a pressing need for fast, effective fitness. At MoveFree™, we’ve got just that.

MoveFree™’s proven Movement Training™ solutions have an answer for you and your business, regardless of individual abilities. Our solutions are custom designed for everyone – including people struggling with disabilities or chronic illness, seniors, teens, and children. Our goal is to get everybody moving, and eager to take on personal challenges.

World-Class Programming

With our Movement Training™ classes and unique solutions for special populations, you’ll find your sessions packed and enrollment is up.

Industry Leading Education

MoveFree™ can empower your staff with the knowledge of dynamic Movement Training™ and how it improves endurance and functional strength for people regardless of their fitness level.

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