I have always enjoyed working out but had excuses to skip the gym. After joining MoveFree I love working out and am excited to get to class, I feel amazing and the best part is I can keep up with my 3 amazing active kids!

Kelly Duhon

With previous training, I felt pain and was exhausted after a tough workout. In MoveFree, the harder I push, the stronger and more alive I feel. My main goal from a fitness routine is to be able to move, function, and feel good for a healthy and active life. MoveFree isn't about sacrificing my future self for results today; it is about longevity and sustainable fitness. MoveFree connects my mind, body, and spirit, all within a community of others with the same goals.

Cody Hampshire

I've been attending MoveFree for over a year and a half. I'm always so glad when I have attended class because it tends to energize me and helps me to feel confident in my ability to move. The exercises are always varied and yet I feel I have gotten a thorough workout each time. I've done many different kinds of exercise through the years, i.e. weights, boot camps, aerobic, etc but this by far is my favorite and I feel I'm getting the most benefit from it!

I really enjoy the MoveFree classes! I always feel invigorated after participating in one of the classes. Jake, the trainer, has always been so good about explaining how to properly perform an exercise to insure the optimum benefit and to avoid injury!

Kathryn Jackson

"Movefree helped me discover the strength I didn't know I had, and with two children and a full-time job, it gives me the energy I need to make it through the day."

Shannon Logan

I have been blessed with great genetic material (my mother is still healthy and active at 96 years of age).  I'm healthy, too, but don't want to assume I'll stay that way as the years go by.  So when MoveFree started a 6:00 a.m. class in my neighborhood, I thought I'd give it a try.  What a great way to start the day!  The workouts are always challenging, and being outdoors in the early morning is wonderful.  I can see definite improvement in my strength and endurance.  Not only that, but I feel great.  Thanks, MoveFree.

Jane Jordan

Regardless of your fitness goal, whether it be golfing better, skiing better, moving better or simply just feeling better, this program is for you.”

Mike Brown

We love working out together at MoveFree! We are able to challenge each other through friendly competition and games and motivate one another to grow stronger. Fitness is a big part of our marriage. We are runners and train together, but MoveFree adds an exciting change to our workout routine. We look forward to our MoveFree workouts!

Caitlin & Michael Dale

MoveFree is more than your typical fitness class. It’s a place where I’m challenged, while having lots of fun laughing with the other people in the class. I love that the exercises are unique and always changing. No two classes are ever the same. It’s perfect for me!

Caitlin Dale

MoveFree has been a great change of pace for me as my only form of workout tends to be running. I love the diversity and uniqueness that it brings to my workout and how knowledgeable Jake is in teaching and explaining what workouts we are doing.

Michael Dale

MoveFree’s MTC (Movement Training Coach) courses have truly helped me become a better Personal Trainer, the online education and practical application from their live workshop have allowed me to think in ways I never would have before. When I was in college I learned about the body in a completely different way, thinking of muscles as independent and treating them this way in my training programs.

MoveFree opened my eyes to training myofascial lines and creating greater overall balance in my clients movement ability. I’ve learned how the body works together as an integrated system and can apply what I have learned while having fun at the same time. I now feel I can address issues with clients with much greater confidence while actually providing them with an experience that they will remember and come back for.

MoveFree’s movement training courses have helped me to improve my clients lives. By first helping them re- teach their bodies how to move better and ultimately guiding them towards a pain free life with more energy and stamina to MoveFree.

Kat Lozano (Coach)

I’ve been working out like a bodybuilder most of my life. Working out with MoveFree™ has provided me with the opportunity to work on more mobility and functional training. As I’ve become older I have more low back pain and am just more sore during the day. MoveFree™ takes me away from using strict directional movements to working on what my body needs while also increasing strength, balance, agility and more by working weights with movement. It has been an enjoyable change for me from what I am used to doing, especially in a gym setting.

Jonathan Marsh

The more movement I can get into one workout the better. Having three kids, I love to get as much into a single workout as I can to help save time. A workout at MoveFree™ always has a variety of motions targeting everything I need in a short amount of time.

Maryellen Marsh

I feel tight coming into workouts most of the time and with MoveFree™ I really feel a difference in how I move and how my body feels afterwards. I’ve learned to be more aware of movement throughout my day to move better, feel better and reach my fitness goals.

Andre's Cousin

Early on in my career I focused on more basic exercises that divided the body into parts. For instance I would have a chest and triceps day or a back and bicep day. This compartmental style training left me feeling stiff and debilitated afterwards. One day I was introduced to a style of training I wasn’t used to, it emphasized on whole-body motions. This new style of training used whole body multi-joint movements that focused on the quality of motion instead of the quantity. This new training style created noticeable changes in my everyday life making it easier and less taxing to do everyday tasks like yard-work. In addition to making everyday tasks easier it also left me feeling more energized throughout the day and I didn’t feel stiff like before either. What I love about MoveFree is that it gives me the ability to give people that same feeling of vitality and help them ultimately move freer in their everyday lives.

Ryan Sudduth (Coach)

Compared to your garden variety traditional workout routine, the MoveFree class pushed me to challenge my body in a completely different manner. The exercises caused me to use more of my body at once challenging my balance, coordination, strength, and cardiovascular endurance all in the same workout. Form wasn’t coached as much as fluidity of motion and repetitions weren’t coached as much as rhythm and timing. The after effect of the workout was not hard feeling like your typical soreness from hitting the weights, instead I felt more energized and invigorated throughout the day. This feeling of invigoration was a welcomed reprieve from a traditional workout and left me wanting to participate again.

Ryan Theiss